What Serivces We Provide?

  • Tax Planning for NRIs

    We help NRIs devise tax-efficient strategies to minimize their tax liabilities in India.

  • Income Tax Return

    We prepare and file accurate income tax returns for NRIs to meet their legal obligations in India.

  • Start-up Tax Advice

    We assist NRIs in understanding the tax implications of investing in Indian start-ups and provide strategic advice on tax planning.

  • Tax Treaty Benefits

    Our experts help NRIs leverage tax treaties between India and other countries to avoid double taxation and optimize tax benefits.

  • Tax Notice Handling

    We provide expert assistance in addressing tax notices and handling tax litigations on behalf of our NRI clients.

  • Taxes on Property Sale

    We calculate capital gains taxes for NRIs on the sale of property in India and guide tax-saving strategies.

  • Lower TDS Certificate

    We assist NRIs in obtaining LDCs or lower TDS certificates to minimize the tax burden on the sale of their assets in India.

  • NRI Refunds Process

    We facilitate the timely processing of tax refunds for our NRI clients and ensure proper documentation and compliance.

  • NRI Donations

    Our team advises NRIs on the tax benefits available on donations made to eligible organizations in India.

  • NRI Banking

    We assist NRIs in opening and managing NRE and NRO accounts, ensuring seamless banking operations while adhering to regulatory requirements.

  • ETFs Investments

    Our team offers expert advice on the tax implications of investing in Indian ETFs for NRIs, ensuring tax-efficient investment strategies.

  • Buy/Sell Property

    We provide end-to-end support for NRIs in buying and selling property in India, ensuring a hassle-free experience while complying with all legal and tax requirements.

  • Property Management

    Our property management services help NRIs effectively manage their real estate investments in India by taking care of tenant management, maintenance, and more.

  • Will Writing

    We assist NRIs in crafting comprehensive estate plans and wills to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes, while also addressing potential tax implications.